mvmf: software

mvmf: software

Last update: 20070914

This software can be installed by those who are familiar with UNIX systems; being a UNIX admin familiar with the "configure" process is a plus.

You must first download and install the appropriate mml library. This is a set of my personal library functions that are used by mvmf; it is easy to build and optionally install. The recommended mml version for the latest mvmf is mml-20070908 .
Find the mml library here.

Download the 'mvmf' sources from one of the mvmf-yyyymmdd packages below. If there is more than one, you will probably want the one with the most recent date. The latest mvmf is the 20070914 kit.

Follow the README files (and other capital letter named files) in both areas; I've provided some of them as standalone files below (after the tarballs) if you want a sneak peek. Provide feedback if you think there are bugs, bad implementations, bad style-- but probably not if you don't like the goals, 'cuz I probably can't help that.

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