mvmf: cdbgen man page

mvmf: cdbgen man page

CDBGEN(1)                                               CDBGEN(1)

       cdbgen - Create a cdb file from generic input

       cdbgen  [-o  output-file]  [-s key/value separator string]

       cdbgen creates a cdb file from the input  file.   A  'cdb'
       file  is  a  constant  database file as specified by D. J.
       Bernstein, providing fast  keyed  lookup  on  non-changing
       data.   "Non-changing"  means that the data doesn't change
       for the life of a particular application's access, but the
       entire cdb file can indeed be regenerated between applica-
       tion invocations.

       cdbgen provides a tool similar to djb's 'cdbmake' but with
       a  slightly  more  flexible  input format.  See discussion

       Options which may be given are as follows:

       -o output-file
              The name of the cdb file to create.

       -s key/value separator string.
              See discussion below.

       cdbgen produces a cdb file from its input, either from the
       named  input-file  or, if no input-file is specified, from
       stdin.  Each line of the input file is either a comment, a
       blank line, or a data line.

       Comment lines begin with a '#' character.

       If  any line begins with a backslash (\), the backslash is
       skipped and the line is processed as a  non-comment  line.
       This  allows  a '#' character to be used as a key (by pre-
       ceding it with a backslash).

       For convenience and readability, a physical  line  may  be
       continued by ending it with a backslash character (immedi-
       ately prior to any newline character).  This includes com-
       ment lines.

       Blank lines are ignored.

       Each  data  line  contains a key string and a data string,
       separated by a separator string.  By default the separator
       string  is  ":"  (that is, a colon), but you can specify a
       different separator with the -s option.

       cdbgen does not do any finagling or moving around of  out-
       put files: it assumes that the file you specify is the one
       you want created.  It's best if you use  this  program  to
       generate  a temporary file, which may then be installed if
       it's created successfully.

SEE ALSO -- the mvmf web site.

       cdb -- djb's cdb information at

       M. Mallett  (   2005,2006,2007 created  this
       wrapper  program and man page, using djb's fundamental cdb
       creation functions in cdb_make et al.

       You tell me..