mvmf: MFL To-Do List

mvmf: MFL To-Do List

Like the others, this to-do list may grow faster than it shrinks; elements can get reprioritized, and ideas change. This is a snapshot of the list at a recent point.


Fundamental MFL language elements

Things that are strictly language changes:


Higher level MFL facilities

Higher level things for MFL script access.


Recently removed

Things recently removed from the to-do list:

String data types
Implemented November 2003, used in personal and test scripts fairly heavily.

built-in functions
Implemented November 2003, used heavily by system-wide macros.

Ability to use MFL expressions in SIEVE constructs
Implemented November 2003, now used heavily by system-wide macros.

MFL functions
Implemented December 2003, now used heavily in system-wide macros.

Access to matched strings and string parts
Provided December 2003 via $_match() built-in-function.

Initializers on variable definitions
Added January 2004

Provide MFL access to various message elements.
Some accesses are there as of November 2004.

Better substring support.
Getting better as needed.

Direct access to MIME parts. Ability to remove mime parts...
Access to MIME parts enabled in fall of 2004 via msgpart selection and focus.

Support for an action that pipes mail to an external command.
Initial implementation in December 2004, with administrative control over who can use it.

Enable private logs (code for private logs is in, but there is no way to turn it on or access it from MFL).
As of February 2005 the private log can be enabled by setting the string control "log_private_name" (e.g. using the $control_string_set() built-in MFL function).