mvmf: mvmda/mfl script examples

mvmf: mvmda/mfl script examples

Here are a few examples of mvmda MFL scripts. Each example is presented in a separate page since each example is syntactically correct and could indeed be used as a valid source script (including the comments used to annotate each one).


This group of examples makes use of SIEVE constructs exclusively.



This group of examples uses the C-like side of MFL, usually in conjunction with SIEVE elements. (More to come... send in some?)



mvmda's system-wide startup script, which directs much of its operation, might be configured to look for a user-level startup file (typically called .mvmda-rc.mfl) and execute it before processing any other scripts. It is typically used to establish preferences, define variables and functions, and set controls.

A sample user-mvmda-rc.mfl file.


Much more can be done, of course. The language references, RFCs, and internet drafts provide much more detail about what can be done.