mvmf: mvmda To-Do List

mvmf: mvmda To-Do List

Like the others, this to-do list may grow faster than it shrinks; elements can get reprioritized, and ideas change. This is a snapshot of the list at a recent point.

Note that many things you might find here are things that can be done in the MFL language, and are more likely to be in the MFL to-do list.


Things likely to be done


Other things on the wish list

To be named later


Recently removed

Things recently removed from the to-do list:

sieve-only mode (so that the input script is considered to be in a "sieve {}" block implicitly), thus allowing pure sieve scripts to run.
Implemented October 2004

Hooks to system- or user- level functions at various processing stages (e.g., automatically call a function when generating a bounce).
First hook implemented December 2004: $hook_msg_read_after() is called after the mail message is read. User or admin may supply this function via rc files; if it's not found, mvmda will internally define a canned one.