mvmf: MFL -- the mail functions language

mvmf: MFL -- the mail functions language

Some mvmf utilities incorporate a powerful mail processing language called "MFL". Not all MFL constructs are relevant to all utilities, however each utility may extend the MFL language in ways that may be needed for that utility. In particular, each utility may provide additional hooks, controls, and built-in-functions.


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MFL is a powerful scripting language that you can use to control the way a specific utility processes a message.

The MFL scripting language incorporates the IETF standard SIEVE scripting language.

The MFL scripting language also incorporates a higher level language that gives advanced users more power than the SIEVE component.

MFL has a well-defined syntax, and its scripts can readily be produced by a front-end code generator (e.g., a web-based front-end).


FAQ (last updated April 3, 2005)

The base MFL language
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MFL built-in functions (last updated January 3, 2007)

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