mvmf: mvmda -- Mail Delivery Agent

mvmf: mvmda -- Mail Delivery Agent

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mvmda is a Local Delivery Agent for email, aka a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA).

mvmda can also be used as one of a chain of mail processing programs.

mvmda makes use of the MFL scripting language, which you can use in powerful ways to control the delivery of your incoming mail.

Since MFL has a well-defined syntax, its scripts can readily be produced by a front-end code generator (e.g., a web-based front-end).

mvmda knows about the MIME structure of the message that it handles.

mvmda is not a product, it is a program written in C, and you may freely download it and use it.


FAQ (last updated August 21, 2006)

The mvmda(1) man page (last updated August 21, 2006).

The mvmda-sysrc(5) man page (last updated August 21, 2006).

Design Thoughts (last updated December 18, 2004)

mvmda MFL hooks (last updated January 22, 2006)

Examples: mvmda/mfl script samples (last updated August 21, 2006)

On the list of things yet to do and some things that have been done. (last updated February 3, 2005)



mvmda is a mail delivery and processing engine written at MV Communications, Inc., thus the "mv" in the name. It provides for intelligent handling of mail delivery, either as a final mail delivery agent (MDA) aka local delivery agent (LDA), or at another point in the delivery chain -- incorporating features for spam filtering, other filtering, and making decisions about how incoming mail is treated.

mvmda is controlled by the mfl scripting language, which combines an implementation of the SIEVE filter language and a C-like language in a powerful way. Using this language (or an interface that emits this language), users can direct the delivery and filtering of their incoming email.

mfl's language duality makes it very easy for beginning or novice users to write scripts (primarily or even exclusively using SIEVE elements) and yet provides advanced features for people of a more technical bent. On the other hand, the language can easily be generated by a user-friendly front end. (MV's web-based email user agent and filter generator is a great example of the latter.)