MVMF -- MV Mail Functions

MVMF Mail Functions

MVMF is a package containing a growing number of utilities used in handling email. Some of these utilities make use of mvmf's scripting language, MFL, which combines an implementation of the Sieve filtering language and a C-like language in a powerful way. Using this language (or an interface that emits this language), users can direct each relevant utility's processing of email.


Specific Programs   General Info

mvmda -- a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) aka Local Delivery Agent (LDA). Highly scriptable using mfl, it may be used with many popular mail systems (e.g. qmail, sendmail, postfix, exim).

mvmtr -- a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) receiver. Designed to be inserted in place of qmail's qmail-smtpd program, but with a future that may make it independent of qmail. Also supports mfl scripting, and is expected to evolve to heavily interact with user-level scripts at SMTP time.

Misc tools including mvmda logfile summarizer and DNSBL command line inquiry utility.

man pages -- various mvmf component man pages collected in one place.


Status of the mvmf package -- any special notes that apply to the state of the package as a whole.
(last updated May 6, 2024)

FAQ for the mvmf package (each individual utility may also have its own FAQ).

MFL -- The scripting language used by some of the mvmf utilities. mfl wholly incorporates the IETF SIEVE mail filtering language, powerfully combined with a strongly typed C-like procedural language.

Related reading
(last updated March 11, 2008)

Obtaining -- Package source and related mailing list(s). (At present, best suited for UNIX users and admin types.)
Note May 6, 2024: download area has been restricted because sources there are ancient and shouldn't be bothered with. While the code is being actively maintained and updated, there's a lot more to be done and it's unlikely anything new will appear here for a while.



mvmf is intended for UNIX-like operating systems, and has been known to run on various versions of Linux, FreeBSD, and BSD/OS.

mvmf is not a product, it is a set of programs and functions written in C, and you may freely download it and use it.